CnC India the name is derived from Abbreviations of Ceilings anCladding, so obvious intent is to show our main business stream is Ceilings as well as Cladding.

Now more than ever, the ability to innovate defines success in architecture and design. Doing more with less, meeting and exceeding higher standards, and creating structures and infrastructures that enhance sustainability – both inside and out.

At CnC India, we’re continually developing product solutions that improve building performance and indoor environmental quality, while reducing environmental impact.

Our tradition of bringing breakthrough products to market makes us the company of choice for an array of contract solutions, including interior and exterior and acoustical metal ceilings, solar control and facades.

“We design from the “Inside-Out” We believe that good design can inspire creativity, nurture social interaction, and build community. Good design, however, is shaped not just by architects; it is shaped by the very people who will socialize in its lounges, perform on its stages, and work within its walls. Designing from the ‘Inside-Out’ means listening deeply to how people want to feel when they are in a space, and then designing around the highest aspirations that they express. Designing from the ‘Inside-Out’ means improving the human condition. Simply put, designing from the ‘Inside-Out’ is what makes our approach different.”

With an emphasis on innovative design and an environment that fosters teamwork, the challenge is to create architectural solutions that are not only aesthetically complimentary to the site—that relate to and enhance their context— but are also environmentally and culturally sustainable.

Our Associations:–

We are associated with world-class brands for servicing their products like Hunter Douglas Solar control systems- Sun louvres as well as Hunter Douglas Tech-style, and baffle system, along with linear metal ceilings as well as modular or tile ceilings are also in our kitty.

Also, we have initiated with Neonnex Solid Surface, which is acrylic resin cladding.

In continuous improvement, we have started our another stream of HVAC which is allied to our ceilings business, 

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