QuadroClad™ Façades by Hunter Douglas

The QuadroClad™ system is a unique, open-jointed cladding
system based on the principles of rain screen façades developed by Hunter Douglas . This
ventilated system is engineered to deliver both outstanding
looks and excellent functionality. The QuadroClad™ system
represents a total solution that combines a customizable
line of panels with a versatile support structure.
QuadroClad™ façades allow architects to create unique designs
that will continue to perform even in severe environmental
conditions. All components have been extensively tested for
corrosion resistance, insulation, ventilation, fire resistance,
and wind-load performance.


Flexibility in material, size, and shape allows QuadroClad™ panels
to create a wide range of visual effects:
• Metal panels in many colors and finishes
• Glass panels with options for tinting, fritting, and more
• Resin panels incorporating nearly any design possibility
for light transmission, color, and shape
• Sizes up to up to 1,500 mm x 4,500 mm (59 in x 117 in)
• Panels available in a variety of shapes, tapers, and curves
All panels can be used together on the same façade.

A complete, versatile system, QuadroClad™ supports attach
to almost any type of new or existing superstructure:
• Applicable to both low- and high-rise construction
• Ideal for re-cladding and refitting opportunities
• Outstanding durability and low maintenance
• Excellent wind-load performance

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