Basic Louvers

The Luxalon® 84R Façade System consists of 84 mm wide rollformed,
round edged panels (1), which can simply be clicked on the prongs of a 84Rstringer (3) to form horizontal or vertical lines. The stove enamelled aluminiumpanels are recyclable, lightweight and
strong. The panels are made to measure and can be supplied in any
length from 800 up to 6000 mm (other lengths are available on request).
Panels can be joined by using the panel splice (5) or by means of panel overlap.Between the panels there is an open joint. Depending on the type of stringer used, these joints can be filled with a reversed panel or join profile (2a, 2b) to form a closed façade appearance. The
join profiles or reversed panels can be simply inserted or slide into the open joint by hand, without using any tools. The stringer (3) is black, made of 0.95 mm thick stove enamelled aluminium and is provided with prongs to accommodate the panels. Different
modules are available (see system overview). Stringers have a standard length of 5000 mm.
Practical applications
• Between the panels there is an open
joint, which can be closed with
reversed panels or join profiles.
The panels combined with these
provide a visually closed façade.
• Open joint systems can be created for
all applications requiring open area
for ventilation, acoustics etc.
• Curved façades can be achieved by
using curved 84R panels.
• The façades have a concealed fixing
• Panel length made to measure from
800 up to 6000 mm, allowing for swift
installation and reducing the need for
joining the panels to a minimum.
• Panels are made from a corrosion
resistant aluminium alloy.
• The Luxacote® coating combined with
aluminium of the highest category for
corrosion resistance, guarantees:
– Colour and gloss stability;
– High scratch resistance;
– High corrosion resistance.
Note: 84R panels can be installed horizontally as well as vertically or diagonally depending on desired directional emphasis. Curved panels are available.
• Facades are based on a ventilating principle providing optimum control for building physics.
• Can be combined with Luxalon® 84R Sun Louvre system in order to obtain a very open facade.

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