Hunter Douglas Aerofin Systems – Aerofoils, Aerowings and Aeroscreen – are optimized using identical installation components and support systems. This makes life easy; once you’ve worked with one of our systems, they are all easy to understand. Based on the specifications it is simple to find the Aerofin that suits and performs best for your project.

Aerofoil, Aerowing + Aeroscreen
• Wing shaped aluminium profiles
• Optimized shading performance
• Fixed or adjustable (motorized) fins
• Finish: anodized or powder coated to specifications
• Fin orientation horizontal or vertical
• System projected horizontally or mounted vertically
• Aerofoils also available in Western Red Cedar wood
• Extruded wing profiles from 100 to 600 mm wide
• Optimized for medium to large spans
• Span at 1000 N/m2 wind load; 3.2 m for 200AF to 4.7 m for 450AF
• Hidden installation with Cup and V-brackets
• 2 single sided extruded wing profiles 200 and 300 wide
• Optimized for medium spans
• Span at 1000 N/m2 wind load 3.0 m for 200AW
• 300 mm wide perforated assembled system
• Optimal light regulation
• Maintaining outside view
• Span at 1000 N/m2 wind load 2.5 m


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