CnC India is an Extended arm of Hunter Douglas, for Design and execution of Projects, also with Neonnex.

Since 1919, Hunter Douglas invests in innovative minds that create and reinvent the architecture,we are one of them.

Hunter Douglas is the world leader in window decoration and a major manufacturer of architectural products in the world. Nearly 100 years ago it develops unique solutions for commercial, corporate and residential projects. The Dutch multinational emerged from the union of entrepreneurs with innovative ideas for the industry, resulting in 1946 in the development of a revolutionary process for the manufacture of aluminum foil. The pioneering spirit led to the creation of the first horizontal blinds in history made with this material.

Today, we are present with portfolio of Metal Ceilings ,Customized Designs,blinds,Metal facades and Ventilated, Extruded Louvers and Translucent panels.

In addition to impeccable design, the products are designed to offer endless possibilities for privacy control, visibility and solar impact on the environment – promoting acoustic, thermal and visual comfort. These are solutions that contribute significantly to the sustainability of the work, thereby reducing the power consumption. The best use of natural light and reducing the use of air conditioning are also benefits.

Security is a constant concern during the development of brand products. So they offer motorized parts that do not require cables and drive rods, promoting a safer environment for children and pets. Another advantage are items that isolate electrical installations and cabling zones present in ceilings and floors, combining protection and aesthetics to the project.