Baffle /Rafter Ceilings

Baffle/Rafter Grids:
Baffle-Grid Ceiling System provides an effective one-directional visual screen in a range of modular sizes and patterns to suit a variety of design concepts. Made up of slimline extruded aluminium beams and sections, the system comes in a variety of powder-coat and anodised colours and finishes.
Baffle ceilings offer best-in-class vane and carrier options that make them ideal for locations requiring a
one-way plenum mask or interesting lighting effects. They are particularly suited to large spaces, including airports, convention centers, shopping malls, sports facilities, and retail stores. Our adjustable carrier system allows baffles to slide back for easy access to lighting, sprinklers and diffusers. In addition, baffle ceilings integrate easily with our complete line of metal systems, enabling easy, comprehensive design for adjoining areas.

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